Banascraft in Ahmedabad 2024

Banascraft In Ahmedabad

Banascraft in Ahmedabad – In the northwestern district of Gujarat, women’s of banaskatha have united to form a group of the association named as DWCRA (Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas), it is supported by the government of India for the development of the peoples who live in rural areas. With the help of the local resources and the traditional skills of the women’s, all the women’s of the village have taken the initiative of developing their village through the economic activity.

The artisans have named their work as “Banascraft”. All these works are now identified by most of the shopkeeper’s and it helped most of the women’s to earn their livelihood. The main objective of this association is employment and self-reliance. This association has made 10000 women’s capable of earning a sustainable income.

The Banaskatha DWCRA Mahila SEWA Association has been established on 22nd December 1992 which aims at supporting women’s who want to work and earn a stable income. This association has taken the initiative to support them by supplying raw materials, providing the workspace, teaching about how to manage the work and training.

Many projects have been introduced by the Officials of the banaskatha and the main objective behind all these attempts is just to increase the increase the decision-making capability, to become financially independent and should have the ability to represent them at the district, state and national board.

Every product which is designed by Banascraft is completely handmade. Their specialty is mainly related to boutiques. A variety range of products is offered by them and which is completely designed using traditional skills like “Aari Embroidery, Patchwork and many more”.

Besides the traditional products, depending on the demand of the market certain products like cushion covers, bed sheets, dresses related to weddings, shawls, some jewelry accessories, and many more products. This association has developed according to the latest trends and demands and manufactured products according to that.

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