Dada Bhagwan Temple Ahmedabad 2024

Dada Bhagwan Temple Ahmedabad

Dada Bhagwan Temple Ahmedabad – A visit to Ahmedabad City should include a visit to Dada Bhagwan temple, 20 km (10-minute drive) from Ahmedabad. The temple is located along Ahmedabad- Kaloi highway in the village of Adalaj. It is a modern-day temple, well equipped with food cafeteria, school, and a medical facility. The modern architectural design is marveling to your eyes. The atmosphere and the surroundings are very calm and a nice place for prayers. It is an ideal place to spend time with your family as you have a divine intervention. Its infrastructure is top notch, permanent exhibition center and kids play are just to mention but a few.

Dada Bhagwan temple is based on the philosophies of the late Dada Bhagwan also known as Dadashri. He was a great spiritual leader from Gujarat and is the founder of Akram Vignan Movement. The story Dada Bhagwan is an interesting part of the temple\’s history. After he attained self-realization at a Surat railway station in June 1958 he began the idea building his own movement which later came to be known as Akram Vignan Movement. His spiritual name, Dada (which means \”revered grandfather) and Bhagwan (which means \”Lord\”) was given to him by a close relative. He attained the name as his title in the movement. Akram Vignan Movement promises instant salvation through the mercies of Samantha Swami (a medium served by Dada Bhagwan).

The temple is easily accessible since it is in the outskirts of Ahmadabad City. Accommodation is also available for those willing to spend more than one night. The temple also has a special lift for people with disabilities. It also holds large conference rooms where groups can gather for spiritual meetings. Cleanliness and silence within the temple are highly observed and my own description it is the best place for prayers and worth a visit once in a while.

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