Vadla in Ahmedabad 2024

Vadla in Ahmedabad

Vadla in Ahmedabad – Vadla is considered as a hidden gem situated in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is the heaven for the migratory birds and also for the peoples as they can reach the destination within 6 hours from the main city of Ahmedabad. This place is not known to many people except for the locals. Where bird sanctuaries like \”Nal Sarovar\” is the main attraction but this place has not been yet popular in comparison. Due to minimize interference of the migrant birds as they show up only during the winter season, numbers of tourist are also scanty. The most important factor of this place is the experience and view of the birds and also this place provides the visitors with an opportunity to feel the behavioral aspects of the bird.

This place is situated 90 kilometers away from Ahmedabad and the best transport to reach the destination is by two-wheeler motorcycles. The best time to visit this destination is during the early morning. The entry ticket of this place is free.

Vadla is an eternal home for bird watchers as they will get the opportunity of watching countless numbers of migrant birds traveling to this place during the chilly winter season and also there will be guides who can help in knowing the birds. This place is mostly famous for birds like Flamingos, Cranes, Ducks and many more varieties of migrant birds. All these birds make their way from chill Siberia to much more tropical climate in Asia. Many workers are present there to make sure about the safety of the birds and also to take care of them. The entire view of the beautiful migrant birds, the green fields and the setting sun will make you capture the moment in your camera and it will overwhelm your heart and pour it with joy.

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