Vechaar Utensils Museum Ahmedabad 2024

Vechaar Utensils Museum Ahmedabad

Vechaar Utensils Museum Ahmedabad – India culture and history is in its own way a tourist attraction and a source of income. Ahmedabad City is playing a key role in the preservation and spread of the culture for the benefit of its people. In the heart of Ahmedabad city is a cultural heritage Centre worth a stopover for those people visiting Ahmedabad. Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture, and Research or in other words Vechaar Utensils Museum, is a cultural Centre that cherishes and preserves India\’s rich culture, artistic skills, and well-designed handicrafts. The Centre was built in 1981 and is a brainchild of architect Mr. Surender C. Patel. The Utensils found at the Centre show different historical periods and changes as a human being involved. Some collections are thousands of years old.

Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research Centre is the only one of its kind in the world. Visitors come from different places to witness the cultural heritage preserved at the Centre. It is a good source of historical facts for those interested in learning. A walk in the museum is very enjoyable and breathtaking. The museum is located at Vishalla Village restaurant. Accommodation is available. Don\’t forget to try the excellent dinner and cultural program offered at the restaurant. The restaurant also serves some amazing traditional Gujarat food. There are two styles of sitting arrangement at the restaurant, on the floor (Indian culture) the table arrangement. Kids enjoy watching the old handicraft utensils and there is a lot of activities prepare for them. It is really enjoyable to visit the place with family. A small fee is charged to those who want to take some photos at the museum. The place is super interesting and one can\’t afford to miss the fun.

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