Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad 2024

Bhadra Fort In Ahmedabad

Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad – Bhadra Fort which is situated in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat was built under Ahmed Shah I in the year of 1411. Later on, this place was renovated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in association with Archaeological Survey of India and declared it as the cultural center of the city.

This fort contains a royal space which was used by the guests of the sultan; a mosque was built on the eastern side and an open space is present inside the fort named as “Maidan Shah”. For the protection of the fort and for the sultan 14 guard towers, 8 gates and 2 large openings were built.

The architecture of the building was inspired by Citadel. There are Islamic preaching’s on the wall of the building. One of the most attractive areas of this fort is the clock tower which was specially manufactured from London by the British East India Company. At night, it lightened up by the kerosene lamp. From 1905, the electric bulb was used and it was Ahmedabad’s first electrical connection.


It is the historical entrance which is situated in the eastern part of the Bhadra Fort, Ahmedabad. Many legendary stories are related to this part. Currently, the symbol of the Local Municipal Corporation can be noticed on this gate.

It is the way of the entrance from the eastern side of the fort. It is constructed with three arches which make the space of entrance larger. The width of the entrance is 17 meters and each arch has a height of 25 meters. After entering through the gate, a royal space which was named as Maidan Shah would appear where the guards used to play royal games like polo and other royal events of the sultan used to took place.

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