Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium in Ahmedabad 2023

Kapasi Handicraft Emporium In Ahmedabad 

Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad City is located in Gujarati state in India. The city is the former capital of Gujarati state. It is the largest in the state and has a population of close to 8.4 million people and seats on a Metro area of 686 Km2. The city holds a number of well-known tourist destinations, enthralling museums and the best restaurants in India. Its great culture, hospitality, and wonderful food attract a great number of tourists every year. Due to its rapid growth in Industrialization and commercialization, the city has also become a great haven for local and international investors. One of the places that are a destination to both investors and tourist is the Kapasi Handicraft Emporium.

Perhaps you have come across its magnificent artwork in international exhibitions like IFTM Top Resa in Paris, WTM London in the United Kingdom, IMEX America in Las Vegas and many more. Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium has earned its spot in the list of \’must stop destination\’ to any person visiting Ahmedabad City. Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium majors in handcraft, wooden, Zinc, glass, silver and black metal products and has retained its reputation for close to fifty years. For those in need of Customized furniture, temple building designs or wall and interior designs then Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium is the place you need to visit. It offers the best prices to those buying at the Emporium. During your visit, you also get to learn about the traditional fine art of Indian culture and the city of Ahmedabad.

Kapasi Handicraft Emporium is located at Jitendra Chambers, Behind Ajanta Commercial Centre along Ashram Road. The location makes it easily accessible to anyone who wants to have a feeling of Indian culture exhibited through outlandish artwork. 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM is the best timing for anyone to visit Kapasi Handicraft Emporium.

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