Law Garden in Ahmedabad 2024

Law Garden in Ahmedabad

Law Garden in Ahmedabad – It is a public garden beautifully decorated by the local municipality. It is also famous for the market which is outside the garden where local handicraft products are sold. There are also full of vendors selling food specialties of Ahmedabad.

Crowded with shopkeepers and vendors near the roadside, it is the heavenly place for peoples who are addicted to shopping. This place is a must visit for the tourists a wide range of products will be available to serve them. The market is most famous for its textiles and jewelry made of white metals. It is also a great place to hang out with friends and family. The market sets up at 19.00 in the evening. Foreigners are immensely attracted by this place as they search for local handicraft items and this place offers a huge variety in it.

These markets offer an attractive collection of the handicrafts and textile items which are based on the community of Kutch district. This night market is fully crowded during the festivals of Navratri. This region allows you to bargain with the shopkeepers and the vendors. This market is available for 365 days for the customers. Terracotta (sculptures made up of clay), is also available in this market and bandhni textiles can also be found in this market.

Every item related to wedding purposes is available. The beautiful and authentic collection of the shoes is one of the main attractions of this market. Paintings made by the locals related to the beautiful scenarios of Ahmedabad and also related to the local art.

Apart from all these things, there are mouth-watering food items available in the market. Including the visitors, there are college students as well as office employees who are present there to taste the specialties of the city like roasted corn, Dosa, Jalebi and fafda, Dhokla and many more. Ice cream parlours are also available to relieve visitors from the exhausting heat.

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