Nehru Bridge in Ahmedabad 2024

Nehru Bridge in Ahmedabad

Nehru Bridge in Ahmedabad – Nehru Bridge is one the bridges on the Sabarmati river serving as a major transport line for the people of Ahmedabad. This bridge is one of the attractions of the city and people visit this bridge to get a beautiful view of the Sabarmati river. It is reported to have a lot of traffic all over the day. But people enjoy the view of the river from the bridge so, they patiently wait in traffic. The time is spent on admiring the beauty of the river at day light and more during the nights.

Nehru Bridge is constructed across the Sabarmati River in the ashram road area and the famous Patang hotel. The bridge is always clean and maintained well for the people of Ahmedabad. This bridge connects the old city and the new city. With chill air from the riverfront and the views of the garden area of Sabarmati river makes it more exquisite for nature lovers. With large walkway on both sides, this bridge is not only a transportation line but also an attraction to romantic walkers and bikers to sit and take a deep breath on their trip.

The Nehru bridge also connects Laldarwaja with the Gandhigram railway station. The piece of work connecting old and new Ahmedabad is a significant symbol of the city indicating its development and race towards the country\’s best. This bridge is used by at least a lakh of people every day. This is actually not a tourist spot but, it has an eye-catching view of the Sabarmati river and gives a treat to the eyes. For a peaceful and beautiful view of the river and to catch the horizon of Sabarmati river and Ahmedabad, visit this bridge and enjoy the contrast of the old and new Ahmedabad as you cross this bridge.

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