Radhe Shopping Mall in Ahmedabad 2024

Radhe Shopping Mall in Ahmedabad

Radhe Shopping Mall in Ahmedabad – Are you looking for a place to explore, do shopping, have dinner, or a place to enjoy with your friends or family? If yes, then Radhe shopping mall is a place for you. The mall is a four-story low shopping complex and business center at Khokhara circle. This is the largest shopping mall in Khokhara. You will find cyber cafes, Chevrolet showroom, SBI-Khokhara Branch, restaurants, famous Farki, and many more shops in one place.

The mall has almost everything a shopaholic would want and everything is under one roof. The bungalows located close to the mall are known as Radhe Bungalows.

This place is the perfect destination for the best time with your friend which is also the most tourist attraction spot. Also, it has so much to offer you recreation at its best and you will find the spirit of adventure that is the best to explore at Radhe shopping mall.

One is able to enjoy all the points of popular interests and bring back many memorable moments. The place also allows you to take a self-indulgent moment for yourself.

The mall contains extraordinarily architecture, innovative layouts, and well-thought execution, which makes the place the best point for tourist interest. Radhe Shopping Mall is where people visit on the weekends to refresh and relax their minds after a busy weekday.

Usually, there are interesting themes, fabulous designs, colorful landscapes, ambient music, amusing characters, props and merchandise that are available in the nearby stores, all in one place. In this shopping mall is the best place where you can have a memorable time with your kids and family.

The mall is strategically located in the Khokhara of Ahmedabad where you can reach by public transport very fast without any problems and is also near some of the best hotels and restaurants in Khokhara.

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