Tourist Places Near Ahmedabad 2024

Seven Tourist Place Near Ahmedabad

#01 – Patan Gujarat

This is a city that is near Ahmedabad that is well known for its tourist attraction having been recently been included among those cities in Indian that houses World Heritage. This city has friendly people who welcome visitors in open arms. It has a lot of history as many battles happen here.

Some of the places you can visit here include Rani Ka Vav which is among the step well-built to reduce water crisis in the area. The well was contrasted around 1063 AD with a lot of craftsmanship. It has an amazing architectural design that is easily captivating.

#02 – Udaipur, Rajasthan

This city is widely known for its many lakes. It has an amazing landscape and it is endowed by scenic beauty. It\’s also a religious city with well-constructed temples and houses a lot of Indian cultural heritage. In Lake Pichola, you can have a tour by using a boat. This city has around lakes which makes it\’s a more attractive tourist destination.

#03 – Champaner-Pavagadh

Champaner is a city situated in Pavagadh hills and is an amazing city for the tourist destination. It has amazing archeological parks which explain more about the history of the city. This city has more than 10 architectural wonders with different styles from both Hinduism and Islam. There are a lot of mythical stories in this city one of them regarding the pavagadh hill.

#04 – Gir, Gujarat

Gir is a national park which is widely known to be a harbor for Asiatic lions. It\’s a wonderful place to visit since it plays a major role in the conservation of Asiatic lions and is in line with world sustainability goals. There are other different animals of more than 2000 species this includes leopards, spotted deer and many more.

#05 – Kutch, Gujarat

This is an island in India with a shape which resembles that of a tortoise. It is the most beautiful city with an amazing desert that attracts a lot of tourists. There are a lot of festival taking place here especially during winter where people comes here for sunbathing experiences. There are a lot of craftsmanship taking place here and has amazing beaches.

#06 – Diu tourism

This is an Island which is surrounded by beaches all over. The presence of beaches makes it a hot spot for the tourist destination. There is also a fort there built by Portuguese colonialist and its known as fort Diu and plays a major role in attracting tourist in the area. There is also a village known as Vanakbara is also an amazing tourist attraction because of its beautiful coloring of boats and fishing activities

#07 – Chittorgarh tourism

This city is widely known as the city of pride and has many historical galleries that widely attracts tourist. It has many forts that house many monuments that seek to explain the history of the city. Chittorgarh fort remains one of the most widely known tourist destinations and has been built on the top of the hill and covers more than 50 acres of land. One of the most famous sites in the Fort is Rani Padmini Palace which was named after Queen Padmini. There are other tourist attraction sites here like Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary and many more

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