Ahmedabad One Mall in Ahmedabad 2024

Ahmedabad one Mall In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad One Mall in Ahmedabad – The largest mall of Ahmedabad which is situated in the area of Vastrapur is named as “Ahmedabad One”. On October 2011, the peoples of this city witnessed the inauguration of this mall and during that time it was known by the name of “Alpha One”.

Ruchi Malls PVT. LTD. Purchased the land which covers an area nearly about 35000 squares meters. It was bought from the Ahmedabad Urban Developing Authority at a price of 80 crores. In 2006 when the construction began, several protests were raised against the fact that the mall will contain non-vegetarian food counter and the peoples who live near the mall were strictly vegetarian.

This raised several conflicts between the owners and the peoples who lived there. Again after some time, this project landed on another trouble which was about the religious sentiments of the people of Ahmedabad. The reason for this conflict was about the introduction of Cineplex being situated at a distance of 200 meters near a religious place.

The design of the mall was given by a company situated in Canada. The entire construction cost of the mall was nearly about 350 crores. The 1.2 million square foot shopping mall contains several shops which are nearly about 720000 square foot, a five-star hotel many service departments of electronic gadgets. It has parking facility available of three levels which can accommodate 1200 cars and 2000 two-wheelers.

In the year 2012, it was claimed by the officials of the mall that 40000 peoples visited the mall and on the weekends, 15000-20000 peoples visit the mall. After its introduction, the increase of traffic jams near the area of Vastrapur has forced the local municipal corporation to take steps against it and several decisions in respect of the traffic management have been implied.

This mall has several stores that offer good quality products and the biggest store occupied in the name of the “Hyper City” which covers an area of 80000 square feet. It contains 210 stores under its roof and every international, as well as Indian branded items, can be found in all these stores. The third floor of this mall contains food court and Cineplex.

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