AlphaOne Mall in Ahmedabad 2024

Alpha one Mall In Ahmedabad

AlphaOne Mall in Ahmedabad – In the popular tourist destination city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is a new age mall, Alpha One Mall famously known as Ahmedabad One Mall. Does that make it outstanding? Of course, it\’s exceptionally good for local and foreign visitors who need convenience in accessing services in a city.

To adequately cover your necessities as a visitor, Alpha One Mall is designed to accommodate enterprises that can ensure all public utilities and your special needs are covered within. This is the reason why it is the largest mall in Ahmedabad city, built on 706000 square feet of the former capital city of Gujarat.

Here, you are able to enjoy the feeling of globalization and the national and local cultures.

International, national and local brands are found in the facilities situated within the three floors of Alpha One Mall. There individual general shops and big businesses as well as branches of large enterprises and multinational companies. Whether you like dinning and whining or enjoyable entertainments, Alpha One Mall has got you covered. This is the ideal place to spend time with your children mostly on family days and to have a good time with friends on suitable days as well.

There is a provision of services for those who may need wheelchairs. Even if you are not finding it convenient to carry your small baby as you move around within the mall, the services of baby pram which provides comfortable mobility for your baby is available.

In case you are running out of cash money and you have your ATM card or you need to exchange your foreign currency for convenience in your purchases there are counters within the mall for foreign currency exchange and ATM. For emergency or just your mobility, you will find where to book a cab and where you can seek and find ambulance service on call. If you’ve lost any of your items within the mall, there is a department handling lost and found items, you can check your lost item with the department.

Besides the predictable chain restaurants you usually come across, there\’s an eatery called Flavour offering all the cuisines. There are other stand-alone restaurants as well. You will find restaurants that are specialized in Chinese cuisines. North and South India also have special restaurant getting them well covered by providing their preferred foods. Those who love sweet tastes have got no reason to worry too since there are plenty of chocolate and donuts offered in special rooms within Alpha One Mall.

Entertainment facilities of the best standard are available for every age and diversified tastes. There is Fun City in the mall where children do have fun and the facility enables you to enjoy fun comfortably with your child. Some good English and Hindi movies are available, and here is where you can try to find if you can enjoy a show that is totally new. In the movie multiplex, here in the mall, you have more options of what to eat than the normal drinks and popcorn foods in any other facility.

Christmas and New Year festivities, as well as Dussehra and Valentine’s Day, are some days of events in the Alpha One Mall. They are days that are associated with music, dance and games in the mall. Events of Promotions and Awareness campaign programs are also organized by concerned groups whereby shows and plays are presented to help in the fight against immorality and social ills.

At Alpha One Mall, there are hyper stores stocking International and Indian brands. There are Jewelry and clothing. There are special showrooms where you can enjoy the freedom of informed choice on the display. In the showroom are watches and accessories as well.

There are many malls in most of the corners of Ahmedabad city but to find where nearly all the desire of anyone in a city is available, you need to visit Alpha One Mall.

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