Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad 2024

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad – Since its formation in 1960 after being separated from the state of Bombay, Gujarat has become the most prosperous and progressive state in India. To foresee this growth, the government of Gujarat has put a lot of investment in education, science and enlightening of its youthful population.


It established the Gujarat Council of Science City to improve science and youth enlightening in the state. The Gujarat Council of Science has achieved this objective through the initialization of Gujarat Science City. The project lies on a 107 hectares piece of land. The main agenda of this project is to attract young people in the world of science. By so doing, a knowledge-driven economic growth is realized.

The place is a must visit for student and young people. The 3D sector is the main and most attractive area and charges a small fee of 25 rupees. One gets to witness a human revolution, some galaxy trips and adventurous trips in 3D movies. A family visit is not a bad idea either. The place offers a different experience altogether especially at the Hall of Space where you get to play various games as you learn. It also has a food cafeteria with different kind of drinks and food being served here.

Gujarat Science City is an ideal place for has large rooms equipped with books and reading material in different subjects from historical, religion to modern science. Science concepts are displayed in an exciting way to help the student understand better. The place also has big gardens where one spend the time to relax. There are people ready to answer questions and help you understand science in a better way. The parking lot is in good condition and spacious enough to accommodate everyone.

Gujarat Science City is located along Science City Road off Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway.

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