Law Garden Ahmedabad 2024 {Top Place in Ahmedabad}

Law Garden Ahmedabad

Law Garden Ahmedabad – Like many cities in the world, Ahmedabad City is a host to some top-notch public recreational centers. On the top of the list is the Law Garden recreation center. The garden is a well maintained public center, in the gigantic city of Ahmedabad in the Gujarati state of India. The City is a host to a number of public recreation gardens, but Law Garden is unique due to its market. The market is an attraction center for both local and international tourists who come to fulfill their shopping desires. The market can only be described as a shopping paradise for those visiting Ahmedabad.

The garden is full of life even after 9:00 PM which is the best time to do some shopping. The shops in the market are fully operational, and you can find some good deals during these hours. Some notes to take home, the shopkeepers always quote high prices for their goods but you can bargain to any level. They are afraid of losing customers, so they will quickly lower their prices if see you trying to leave. The market is a good source of Gujarati traditional attire, handicraft, ornaments, and modern clothing among other items which you can buy at a good deal. The cost of items depends on your ability to bargain and range between INR 3000 to INR 5000 for basic handicrafts and jewelry.

The sidewalks and the streets of the garden are full of hawkers selling all types of food items. Here you can find all kinds of food from Indian traditional to anything modern. The street food market is so big that a committee has been aside by the municipal commissioners to lay plans for its regularization. The sounds and feature of Law Garden make it a place worth visiting once in a while. Its well-maintained green grass helps you refresh as you take a rest from your daily active ready to charge again.

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