Parimal Garden Ahmedabad 2024

Parimal Garden Ahmedabad

Parimal Garden Ahmedabad is one of the busiest cities in India. Its features, however, protect its people from all the madness. One such feature is the Parimal Garden located in the Commercial Centre. It is a cool, calm, beautiful getaway place for those who want to take a break from the city hustles. Parimal Garden is located in one of the busiest street in town, Parimal cross-road in Ambavadi. The atmosphere inside the garden is a total contrast of what is outside. The garden is among the oldest places in the city which are still managed by the municipal council.

Outside the garden is a big parking lot, can hold up to 300 vehicles. The parking goes around the garden as there are several entrances that one can use. Security is tight so no need to worry about your car. Inside the park, you find a manmade lake with resting benches put on the shore its shores. The lake is home to catfish and turtles which you can feed as you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The gorgeous flowers attract birds and insects making the place feel like a natural environment.

Parimal Garden\’s walk path is more than 3km long. Very early in the morning and late in the evening you will find people jogging and doing body exercise. The cool, well maintained green grass helps to have a good rest as you talk to your loved ones. There is a play area for the kids equipped with swings and slides making it an ideal place for a family visit. After its recent renovation, the garden is among the top visited places for both locals and tourists. The lighting set some good scenes for beautiful and outstanding photo-shoot. The place is public and no entry fee is charged.

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