Lothal in Ahmedabad 2024

Lothal in Ahmedabad

Lothal in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad is well known for having the best places to visit as a tourist. It really has amazing features. You can start with Lotha.

Lothal is located in the Bhal region in the state of Gujarat. According to Hindu the word Lothal means the mountain of the dead. This is the place where you are capable of finding historical monuments. This city was discovered in 1954 and is believed to the oldest city in India. It an awesome archeological site to visit considering that it is a 4500-year-old city.

The huge ruins of the ancient city are the best tourist attraction in Lothal. The Acropolis, the ancient dockyard, ancient warehouses, the dock town among other ancient things on Lothal. Lothal has the archaeological museum which has been used to preserve ancient things such as the items that were imported from Egypt during the early trades and the Sumerians terracotta figure.

There is a Paris model plaster which has been displayed in the museum. As if this is not enough the places that surround Lothal are also amazing. About 5 kilometers from the Lothal ancient city you get to find the Utelia palace which was built when the century was almost over by the Neknamdar Thakore Sahib Sur Sinhnji. The place has been designed in a way that it has ancient balconies, pillared galleries, and five domes.

Getting to Lothal is very easy as the means of transport are available, you can travel by only two modes the rail trains and buses. The first part of the journey is covered by rail and the remaining part can be easily covered with buses.
Have a remarkable and memorable holiday with your loved one by visiting Lothal. This is the place that will bring a picture of the ancient times in your mind. You are able to see the products they exchanged with other nations and how creative and inventive they were.

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