Vaishnodevi Temple in Ahmedabad 2024

Vaishnodevi Temple Ahmedabad

Vaishnodevi Temple Ahmedabad – Vaishnodevi Temple is also known as Mata Rani, Trikuta and Vaishnavi. It is a manifestation of the Hindu Goddess Mata Adi Shakti. Vaishno Devi Mandir is usually a Hindu Temple devoted to the Hindu Goddess. It is located in Katra near the Trikuta Mountains which is within the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Vaishnodevi Temple is one of the largest temples in the world.

The cave which enshrines the three holy pindis are stones representing the three forms of Energy; Guna, Tuma, and Raja which are the Mata Mahasaraswati, Mata Mahali, and Mata Mahalakshmi respectively. Despite the source rock of pindis being one, they all differ in color and texture. They are said to be donating the color of goddesses they represent. With white for mother Saraswati to the left, black of the Mother Kali to the right and yellowish red of Mother Lakshmi in the middle.

It is located 13.5 km from Katra where one can use Ponies, Electric vehicles, helicopter service, and palaki to get to the temple.

History of the temple

The age of the cave is believed to be millions of years. The oldest reference of the Shakti is believed to be found in Mahabharata, this is when Lord Krishna requested Arjuna to invoke the Goddess and he did. So the five stones in the mountain temple next to the Trikuta hill is said to be symbolizing each Pandavis.

In the present days, the temple is served by descendants of Pandit Shree Dhar and with him is attached to the story of a human form of Shakti in Maa Vaishnavi like a young girl.

A Tantrick, Bhairav realized the mysterious power of the girl and tried to get hold of her but she escaped. On her way, she shot an arrow and a fountain of water came out masking Her presence. The water present was in form of Baan-Ganga. She entered in the cave (Gabha Gufa) where she meditated for nine months until Bhairav found her.

She then took the form of Goddess Kali and beheaded him. Shreedhar dreamt of Maa being present in the cave then followed his instincts and reach there. Since that time the priests serving the temple are of his lineage serving Maa Vaishnavi after taking the form of three Pindis.


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